02 Apr 2019
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This article explores how to expand new opportunities by leveraging a rest-based API environment to create consumable data from advanced analytics. The main topic discusses the current state of many organizations today

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14 Aug 2018

Join Vanick Digital at API World 2018 at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, CA from 9/8 – 9/12/2017. Lou Powell, Founding Principle of Vanick will be presenting a PRO TALK: Do I Have the Right API Strategy to Make My Business Successful?

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Join Vanick Digital at APIStrat, the API Strategy & Practice Conference, on September 24-26, 2018 at the Music City Center in Nashville, TN. #apistrat

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29 Jun 2018
Accelerating API Delivery by Vanick Digital

In a previous blog post, How to shift your APIs perspective from Systems to Consumers, I went through a case study for a customer who was learning to create API products instead of RESTful integrations. The article focused on how to design swagger definitions for APIs that solve consumer problems and are easy for API consumers to self-service understand, test and requisition.

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21 May 2018

Join Vanick Digital as we participate in Nordic APIs’ upcoming event: Austin API Summit 2018 on June 11 – 13. This will be a two and a half-day event with workshops and insights on building success in the API ecosystem.

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30 Apr 2018

You are using nouns and verbs correctly. You are delivering JSON payloads. So why is your service not considered an API? This article uses a customer use case to illustrate the difference between a technically compliant REST service and an API.

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19 Apr 2018

BOT (Business Operations Transformers)

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03 Apr 2018

At CA World ‘17, Vanick Digital received the Breaking Barriers Award for collaborating with CA Technologies by helping businesses realize the full value from their API investment. Vanick has been a CA Partner since 2015, but they have been helping customers with APIs for almost 20 years. They pride themselves on their ability to implement API programs, not just software. This award is definitely an example of CA and Vanick breaking barriers together.

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